Is Religious Diversity a Recipe for Peace or Violence?

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According to the new Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom, "Religion is a human conundrum: We have both loved and hated in the name of God, have both waged peace and inflicted torture. Governments throughout the ages have feared religion's disorderly and disparate energies, and its voice for the oppressed of every society. Yet societal law and good order depend upon the discipline and virture of its citizenry, traits fostered by the world's religions." Many argue that there is an underlying unity within diversity that simply consists of a variety of responses to a basic truth, based on different cultural and religions traditions. Others, however, argue that truth is exclusive, and one of us must be wrong. And that's the problem. This workshop will consist of brief explorations into the fundamentalism of five major religions of the world and look for ways in which religions can promote peace rather than war.

Keywords: Religion, Diversity, Peace, Violence
Stream: Cultural Perspectives
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Prof. Glenna S. Jackson

Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Otterbein College
Westerville, Ohio, USA

My research is three-fold: women in religion; New Testament and African parables parallels; and the historical Jesus. Travel on the continent of Africa and the Middle East are paramount to my teaching and scholarship and bridging the gap between academia and laity is one of my priorities.

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