Globalization’s Impact on Cultural Structures of BRIC Countries

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Globalization has had a profound effect on social, political and economical aspects of the participating countries and it have been the target of many researches and studies. However, its impact on the cultural aspects has been subtle and less understood primarily due to lack of vital statistics, especially from the developing countries to support any theory. Nevertheless, globalization has influenced nations’ cultures and has resulted in both cultural pollution and cultural refinement. These effects had been analyzed with the focus on BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India & China) countries. Although, countries such as India and China have had the cultural and commercial exchanges dating back hundreds of years, the modern globalization is relatively new and accelerated over the last decade. A nation’s culture is impacted by globalization which in turn results in behavior change. Yet, the respective countries’ political structure and policies have had the varying levels of control over this behavioral outcome. This presentation will analyze on the globalization’s impact on the cultural dimension which is shaped by the political structures and how all these will evolve in the future.

Keywords: Globalization, Cultural Perspectives, BRIC
Stream: Cultural Perspectives
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Globalization’s Impact on BRIC Cultures,

Kannan Narayanan

Graduate Student (MBA Candidate), School of Business Administration, Oakland University
Troy, MI, USA

Kannan Narayanan is a graduate student in the school of Business Administration at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, with the concentration in International Business. Kannan has around 15 years of professional experience in the area of Information Technology. Kannan holds Bachelor of Engineering(Computer Technology) degree from Regional Engineering College, Bhopal, India and Master of Science (Computer Science) degree from Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan.

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